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As a landscape photographer, I usually have a number of ongoing photography projects. This is a selection of images from two of those projects.

Newcastle Noir

A series of urban landscape images in a monochrome, noir style, set against the backdrop of Newcastle and Gateshead.

I am aiming for a darker, documentary feel that dates back to the days of high-speed black and white film. This involves reducing sharpness, adding grain, darkening the edges of the frame and strengthening shadows so that they become almost black. This is a visual style often associated with film noir.


A series of shoreline images taken on the Northumberland coast.

Take your eyes away from the wider views of the Northumbrian coastline and its castles and you’ll find amazing patterns, textures and shapes on the shoreline. Waves, the ebb and flow of the tide, pebbles, shells, and patterns and shapes in the rocks can all make for fascinating detailed or abstract images.

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